Populate:Terrain updated to v1.8

I am working on big improvements for version 2.0, but it takes longer than expected, so I’m releasing some new features as a point release.

Version 1.8 brings performance improvements, redesigned UI and new features, like trimming to a spline shape (see image below).

You can download it here.

  • sebastien

    sometime when i do usual work in 3dsmax i get this error since i have installed your Script
    unknown property “lbl_status” in undefined

  • Dave Buchhofer

    Hey Marc, great script, thanks!

    (also seeing the lbl_status popup here)

    • http://populate3d.com Marc Lorenz

      Fixed the “lbl_status” bug in v1.82!

      • Sbordeleau21

        the lvl_status i have it with v1.82 …..

      • Sbordeleau21

        oups nevermind it was 1.81 :) thanks you for the Bug correction i let you know if i have anything else.

  • Bestlight_star

    i thanks for sharing , i really like script, this script is really useful 

  • Anurbangeek

    also receiving the unknown property lbl_status in undefined error every 10 seconds with 1.82

    • http://populate3d.com Marc Lorenz

      1.83 is up and should fix it!

  • Nicholas87

    Thanks so much .Marc Lorenz  .It’s really helpful

  • invisio

    thanks for this amazing plug!, it does the job very well.
    just to inform: still have lbl_status error with 1.83, but I have use populateterrain on +10 differents object in my scene with +10modificators on ot each time, and until I dont collapse modificator stack on most of the bjects, 3dsmax crash very often (by the way, I not sure the plug is the only problem on this scene)

  • swift3D

    I thank you on behalf of the people of Jiangxi provinceChinese, this plugin which is convenient for work, the good life of peace, my work is architectural animation, and you want to learn more, QQ:22625352