Populate:Terrain updated to v1.83

Fixed a bug with a “lbl_status” error message appearing sometimes.

You can download it here.

  • Sbordeleau21

    still have the lbl_status error with 1.82

    • http://populate3d.com Marc Lorenz

      I uploaded a new version 1.83, please see if it fixes it for you.

  • Nenad Bulic

    Nice work Marc, and thank you for making it free :)

  • Roland

    amazing plugin! I get the lbl_status with 1.83. this happens when I use the plugin, then open a new file without saving…

    • http://populate3d.com Marc Lorenz

      Thanks for the detailed report, I think I was able to fix it finally in version 1.86!

  • nj1983

    thank u very much for making it a free plugin
    im looking forward to a pdf manual of it..