Quick Start – First steps with Populate:Panels

Open Populate:Panels from the main menu bar, ‘Tools -> Populate:Panels…’.
The fastest way to get started, is loading a panel preset. With the current beta version there is only one preset available, ETFE Cushions.

When picking a target surface, keep in mind that only quad faces will be populated.

YouTube Preview Image

You can also pick any 3dsmax geometry or spline object as a custom panel object, as shown in the next video:

YouTube Preview Image
  • Razvan

    Hello, very good plugin!
    Excelent!Do you know what will be really useful, to find a way to export created panels parameters, in purpose to make the real panels for a facade!
    Thank you very much for your work!
    If you want to discuss this issue, please send an email! I have a few ideas that might work!
    Keep on the good work!