The Framing System

There are two panel types available in Populate:

  • Custom Panel Objects
  • Framing Systems

Here is a quick introduction of the Framing System.

  • Framing Systems work with all kind of poly faces, not only with quads, as Custom Panels.
  • The frame width is always constant, not relative to the face area, as it works with insetting the face.
  • Good performance, works with AutoUpdate.

Right now there is only one Framing System module available, “Simple Frame + Glass”, in later versions there will be different profiles, including round, filleted and multi layered systems.

Here is a quick video demonstration:

YouTube Preview Image
  • MarkoR

    First, this is the great plugin and thank you for the effort.

    Is there a bug with framing sistem? As I made one framing sistem, I wanted to make another one. But, the first one disappear when I try to make the second one. I tried to convert the first Framing sistem to Editmech, to change the name, to remove the material but It’s happens all over again.

    Thank you Very much